As it so happens, EA Sports runs a simulation of the Super Bowl in Madden every year to predict the winner Mut 23 Coins. This year, it successfully predicted that Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs would win the Super Bowl. Patrick Mahomes is the first Madden cover athlete to break the curse to win a championship. It is not known who will be the next Madden cover athlete, but a large list of players are being considered. Although JJ Watt has never been on the cover of Madden, he joins an elite crowd of football players that have hosted Saturday Night Live.

Football season has come and gone yet again. In the 54th Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers with a considerable lead. With this victory, the Chiefs have both fulfilled Madden NFL 23's prediction and beaten the ominous Madden curse.

Customarily, EA Sports allows its latest Madden NFL title to predict who will win the Super Bowl that year. However, the games have come to bear their own curse. Sometimes, the player featured on the cover will suffer an injury or a string of bad luck that will cut their season short. However, as the Super Bowl game progressed, fans anxiously watched to see whether Madden cover player and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes could overcome the odds and help his team to victory.

Although the final score shows a clear victory for the Chiefs, the fierce competition during the game left fans on the edges of their seats. While the Chiefs did gain an early lead after the first kickoff Buy Madden 23 Coins, the 49ers quickly regained that ground and were winning in the third quarter. It was only through a string of touchdowns and carefully planned plays (including one 44-yard pass) by Mahomes and his teammates that the Chiefs ultimately won the Super Bowl.