EA Sports, as a world-famous football series, has attracted much attention among players. The upcoming FC 24 has raised fans’ expectations to a peak.

Among them, the overall rating of the much-watched player Messi is 90, which is one point lower than in FIFA 23. Ronaldo did not enter the top 24. Although Ronaldo's rating has not yet been announced, there is no doubt that his rating must be lower than 90 points. This is the first time since FIFA 07 that it has been lower than 90 points.

This time Kevin De Bruyne, Alexia Putellas, Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland Haaland) is tied for the highest ratings, and their ratings are all higher than 90 points. These are also the stars that I think are very worthy of attention.

Of greater concern at the moment is the player leak which revealed the relegation of seven Liverpool players as Klopp's side did enough to save fifth place. And the $1 billion transfer fee that resulted in a low rating for the FC 24 team will all have to be confirmed in due course.

EA also officially announced that the complete list of player ratings will be announced at 12 noon PST on September 15th. At that time we will be able to learn more about the information we need.

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